Yoren is a brother of the Night's Watch. He wanders the Seven Kingdoms serving as a recruiter. He is killed by the men of Ser Amory Lorch.

Appearance and Character Edit

Yoren is stooped. He has a twisted shoulder, the remnants of an injury that left him unable to fight. His coarse, ugly features are hidden by a matted black beard. He is lice ridden and smells foul. His clothes are old and have faded to grey.

He is loyal and trustworthy, if unrefined. He believes in the rules and the order of the Night's Watch, lamenting the fact that it isn't treated with the same honour that it used to be.

History Edit

Yoren suffered a shoulder injury that meant fighting was difficult. He has since spent most of his life wandering the Seven Kingdoms as a recruiter. He frequently visits Winterfell, meaning that he knows various members of House Stark.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Yoren joins up with the company consisting of Benjen Stark, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. He brings two rapers from the Three Sisters that have chosen the Wall over castration. He skins a squirrel for a stew.

He accompanies Tyrion Lannister back to King's Landing after he visited the Wall, for more recruits. He stays for a short time at Winterfell, before going further to King's Landing. While at the Crossroads Inn, Catelyn Tully arrests Tyrion Lannister for suspected murder on her son. Yoren stays away from the situation, as he is a man of the Night Watch and doesn't participate in the conflicts.

Later on, he arrives at King's Landing, telling Eddard Stark for more recruits and tells him about Catelyn imprisoning Tyrion. Before Yoren leaves, Eddard is imprisoned and killed for treason, as Yoren covers Arya.

A Clash of Kings Edit

Yoren starts to march to the south with the new recruits and planning to bring Arya to Winterfell. While being in a holdfast in the night, Amory Lorch attacks them, thinking they work for Beric Donderarrion. Arya flees the fight, but Yoren keeps fighting, killing at least four men.

The next morning, Gendry and Arya arrive again at the holdfast, seeing Yorens skill is split by an axe, with four men surrounding him.