Yi Ti region

The approximate borders of Yi Ti on the continent of Essos.

Yi Ti is a large, rich and powerful nation in Essos. It stretches around the north coast of the Jade Sea, extending from the Bone Mountains to the forbidding Shadow Lands, a distance of well over a thousand miles. It extends inland for some considerable distance.

After the Seven Kingdoms, it is the largest nation in the known world.


The territory of Yi Ti is dominated by a dense jungle which extends for several hundred miles inland. Beyond the jungle is a substantial grassplain which extends northwards to the Shrinking Sea and the Bleeding Sea. The city of Tiqui, located to the north-west, is one of the ancient capitals of Yi Ti.

The three largest cities of Yi Ti - Asabahd, Yin and Jinqi - are all located at the mouths of the nation's largest rivers. The island of Leng lies just off Yi Ti's south-eastern coast, but is not part of the kingdom.


Yi Ti consists of a patchwork of princedoms and cities nominally under the rule of the God-Emperor. In practice, the princes attend to the day-to-day rule of the nation.


The people from Yi Ti wear monkey-tail hats and have bright eyes. Most of the people of the northern part of Leng claim descent from settlers from Yi Ti, but are not under the rule of that nation.


Though mentioned frequently in the novels, Yi Ti's geography was not revealed until the publication of The Lands of Ice and Fire in 2012.

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