An unnamed wineseller in the marketplace of Vaes Dothrak tries to give Daenerys Targaryen a cask of poisoned wine. He is described as a man of Lys, tall handsome and slender, with curled, flaxen hair.

He is trying to win the lordship that King Robert Baratheon has promised for anyone killing her or her child. Ser Jorah Mormont asks the man to drink of the wine first himself, and the wineseller throws the cask and tries to flee. When Khal Drogo finds out that a contract was put out on his wife's life by the Seven Kingdoms, he vows to take his khalasar across the Narrow Sea and seize the Iron Throne for his unborn heir.

The wineseller is punished by being tied naked to a horse and having to run after it it or be dragged to his death.

The contract also mentioned Viserys, but he is already dead. Daenerys finds it ironic that by this reckoning, Robert owes Drogo a lordship.