Ser Willis Wode is a landed knight of House Wode. He is sworn to the service of Lady Shella Whent, the head of House Whent and Lady of Harrenhal.


A Game of ThronesEdit

Ser Willis is amongst the first knights to declare their support for Catelyn Stark at the Crossroad's inn. He helps her arrest Tyrion Lannister and then fights his way through the mountains to the Eyrie with him. He is the only riverman to survive the journey, the other survivors being Catelyn, Ser Rodrik Cassel, Marillion and Bronn. He is present when Tyrion demands a trial by combat.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Ser Jaime Lannister passes through the lands of the Wode brothers on his way to Riverrun. Neither are present, but their keeps have been burned down and Jaime hangs several outlaws hiding the remains.