Will was a member of the Sworn Brotherhood of the Night's Watch.


Will was a poacher before he joined the Watch, operating in the forests of House Mallister. He was caught one day after killing a buck, and he was offered the choice between losing a hand for his crime or joining the Night's watch. He chose to travel to The Wall.

will has been at the Wall for four years and is a veteran of one hundred rangings. He has made use of his ability to travel unseen and unheard to become one of the most trusted men of the Watch. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont saw him as one of his best men. He also appears to be close to Gared, joining the older ranger in the mockery of their sworn brother, Ser Waymar Royce.

Will was assigned to a ranging party under the command of Waymar, and with the knight he travelled on the trail of eight wildlings for nine days. This was Waymar's first ranging beyond the Wall.


A Game of ThronesEdit

Will reports back to Waymar the Wildlings that they were tailing are all dead in a clearing, but with no blood seen waymar suspects that theey were merely asleep. He commands them to ride on and Will takes the lead. Upon arriving at the clearing, however, they find that the bodies are gone, and Waymar scoffs at Will, sending him up a tree.

will watches Waymar's defeat and murder at the hands of some Others and is throttled to death by the resurrected Waymar upon his descent.