Wex Pyke is the bastard son of Sargon Botley. He was born mute.

Appearance and Character Edit

Wex has a tangle of dark brown hair, and his face is almost feral. He has a wide mouth, sharp nose, and a pointed chin. He is a quick learner and adept at using daggers.

Books Edit

A Clash of Kings Edit

Wex becomes the squire of Theon Greyjoy as part of a deal that Theon strikes to buy a horse from Lord Sawane Botley. Wex recognises Asha Greyjoy when she tricks and embarasses Theon by pretending to be Esgred. Theon strikes him for smirking.

Wex participates in the Harrying of the Stony Shore and the Capture of Winterfell. He sleeps below the foot of Theon's bed in Winterfell. When Bran and Rickon Stark disappear, Wex is part of the search party that Theon takes out after them. He points out that they are now following only wolf prints and not the heavy tread of Hodor. Theon sends Wex back to Winterfell before going to the Acorn Water mill.

Wex is frightened by Theon's nightmares. He is the first to stand by Theon's side when Ser Rodrik Cassel comes to retake the castle. Wex survives the subsequent Sack of Winterfell by hiding in the Winterfell Godswood.

A Dance with Dragons Edit

Wex follows Rickon, Osha, and Shaggydog, learning that they intend to cross the Bay of Seals to Skagos. He eventually falls into the control of Lord Wyman Manderly and is taken to White Harbor. They begin to teach him letters, asking yes and no questions, and give him chalk to draw pictures. Wyman and Robett Glover learn the truth about the Sack of Winterfell, and Wex proves that Theon is innocent, and that Ramsay Bolton is actually to blame.

After Davos Seaworth is captured by Manderly men, he is introduced to Wex in the New Castle. Wex reveals that Rickon is on Skagos by throwing a dagger into a map. Wyman then tasks Davos with retrieving Rickon from Skagos.