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Ser Waymar Royce was a brother of the Night's Watch and a scion of House Royce of Runestone.


Ser Waymar was chosen to lead a ranging even though he had only been on the Wall for less than six months. He was ordered to follow a group of wildling raiders, accompanied by Will and Gared. After following the wildlings for nine days, they find the group camped. Ser Waymar sent Will to scout, only to return with the news that they were dead. Ser Waymar wanted to inspect them for himself so with Will he went to the site of the camp and found the wildlings missing, having left their weapons and gear behind. While inspecting the campsite, Others emerge from the trees. Ser Waymar challenges them, but it is no contest and he falls dead. Will descended from his perch and approached Ser Waymar's corpse. Ser Waymar rose, this time as a wight and killed Will.[1]


Ser Waymar was handsome and slender. He had grey eyes.[2]

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