Dance with me then.
— Ser Waymar Royce

Ser Waymar Royce was an anointed knight of House Royce and the third son of Lord Yohn Royce. He served as a member of the Night's Watch. He was killed by multiple Others whilst ranging north of The Wall.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

He is described a handsome youth of eighteen, grey-eyed, graceful and as slender as a knife. He rides a large, black destrier and wears black leather boots, black woolen trousers, black moleskin gloves, a coat of black ringmail and a black sable cloak.

He appears to have an arrogant persona, looking down on Gared despite the man's years of service in the Night's Watch.


Waymar went to the Wall half a year before his death. He journeys north with his father. During their travels they stop off at Winterfell, as Yohn and Eddard Stark are old friends. During their stay Sansa Stark falls madly in love with the young knight.

His attitude and appearance when at the Wall earned him some mockery behind his back, with Gared and Will included in the number that ridicule him. He is chosen to lead a ranging by Jeor Mormont and his party soon pick up the trail of eight Wildlings.


A Game of ThronesEdit

Will reports back to Waymar that he found the Wildlings that they were following dead in a clearing two miles away. There was no blood, and Waymar quickly rules out being frozen as a possibility. he decides that they must ride to inspect the clearing, and then leaves Gared to look after their horses.

Upon arriving at the clearing Waymar laughs at the absence of the corpses and sends Will to look for a fire. He is then confronted by an Other, and stands his ground for a few attacks, but soon tires and is wounded beneath the arm. He tries to attack back but his sword shatters. He is then butchered by multiple Others.

Afterwards Will descends from the tree and stoops to pick up Waymar's shattered sword as evidence. Waymar comes back from the dead as an Other and throttles Will to death.