Hates that he is a bastard, and hates everyone who's not
— Daven Lannister

Ser Walder Rivers is the bastard son of Walder Frey and unknown mother. He is an anointed knight. He has two children with his Charlton wife, Walda and Aemon Rivers.


He is the eldest of Lord Walder's bastards, having been born to an unknown mother. His mother died after she fell off her horse. He is married to a woman of House Charlton, and has two children, Walda and Aemon Rivers, as well as a grandson born from Aemon, also named Walda.


Walder is often sent out on official business from the Twins, despite being a bastard. It is Walder that was dispatched to oversee Chett's trial for murder, and he offers him the opportunity to join the Night's Watch.


A Storm of SwordsEdit

He accompanies Lothar Frey to Riverrun, and is involved in the arrangement to wed Edmure Tully to Roslin Frey. He later accompanies Lothar out to meet Robb Stark outside the Twins. He coordinates the attack on the soldier's camps during the Red Wedding.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

He rides south with Ryman and Emmon Frey to participate in the Siege of Riverrun. Whilst there he informs Jaime Lannister of Ryman's murder by outlaws. Walder's tent is described as modest. Daven Lannister takes a disliking to him, along with almost all the Frey commanders.