Walder Frey is the eldest son of Jammos Frey and Sallei Paige, and the grandson of Lord Walder Frey. He is called Big Walder because he is 52 days older than his cousin Little Walder Frey, although Little walder is the larger of the two. he is fostered as a ward of House Stark at Winterfell

Appearances and Character Edit

Walder, despite his nickname, is small, skinny, and fox-faced. He is half a foot taller than his cousin, Little Walder.

Big Walder is sharp and cautious.

Books Edit

A Clash of Kings Edit

Big Walder is sent to foster at Winterfell as part of the deal that allows Robb Stark to cross the Trident at the Twins. He plays Lord of the crossing with his cousin and Rickon Stark, amongst others, but the game finished when Shaggydog attacks Big Walder. He isn't as unfriendly as his cousin towards Bran Stark, but he doesnt act friendly towards him either. 

The Freys are taken prisoner when Theon Greyjoy takes Winterfell, and one even volunteers to help Theon track the escaped Bran and Rickon, although he doesn't note which one. he is spared by Ramsay Bolton and the two cousins go on to serve him as squires.

A Dance with Dragons Edit

When Theon, now Reek, notes that Little Walder is becoming like Ramsay he also notes that Big Walder does not join in his cruelties. Big Walder accompanies Ser Hosteen Frey into the great hall of Winterfell to announce the death of Little Walder. Big Walder is covered in blood and says that Little Walder was searching for a man of White Harbor who owed him some coin.