Utt was a former septon who was kicked out of the Faith of the Seven in disgrace. He is now a lieutenant of the Brave Companions and is one of the most trusted men of Vargo Hoat. he is hanged for his crimes by the Brotherhood without Banners.


A Clash of KingsEdit

Utt is present at Harrenhal with the other members of the Brave Companions. He leads one of the foraging parties of Vargo Hoat and is tasked with spreading panic and mayhem in The Riverlands. He switches sides with the rest of his company, under the command of Vargo Hoat. They now serve Lord Roose Bolton, and are tasked with hunting down Lannister men. Utt's party is attacked by a pack of wolves, possibly those led by Nymeria, and they lose two horses.

A Storm of SwordsEdit

Utt's party numbers 30 men, and they burn their way through the Riverlands in the name of House Bolton. They are eventually attacked by the Brotherhood without Banners after they slaughter several septons at a small sept. Utt is found hiding after the battle and confesses his sins before Lord Beric Dondarrion. He confesses to being a pedophile who murders young boys after his sexual encounters. For his crimes, as well as those of the other Companions, he is hanged in the name of the Red God.