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Anyone who is a fan of the epic Song of Ice and Fire book series can attest that food plays a VERY prominent role. The myriad of dishes and various ales and wine could actually each be their own characters considering the amount of page time George R.R. Martin dedicates to them! With this in mind, and to also commemorate the recent premiere of the Game of Thrones' series 3rd season on HBO, we've picked the Ice and Fire WIki to host a Food Fiction contest to design the perfect Westeros Feast!

With your help, we created a menu worthy of the Iron Throne, and then the Wikia Staff team created the feast in real life! Through sweat, blood, and tears, we replicated Sansa Salad, Honeyed Chicken, Dornish Stuffed Green Peppers, The Old Bear's Hot Spiced Wine, and Medieval Cherry Tarts as well as we could, and the results were not too bad for amateur chefs!

Check out how our team did and let us know if you decided to try your hand at any of the Song of Ice and Fire recipes!

Check out this video of the feast getting demolished by hungry people!

We tried our best and had a mix of successes and fails, but the end result looked and smelled pretty delicious! What do you think?

Which of these dishes would you like to try?

The poll was created at 17:42 on April 16, 2013, and so far 40 people voted.

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