Ulthos location

A map showing the location of Ulthos.

Ulthos is the smallest, the least-known and most obscure of the known world's four continents. It is located south of Asshai and the Shadow Lands and east of Sothoryos. The continent forms the south-eastern coastline of the Jade Sea[1].


Ulthos is separated from Asshai and the Shadow Lands by the Saffron Straits, which link the Jade Sea to as-yet unknown seas further east. The island of Ulos lies off the north coast of Ulthos.

Only the extreme northern coast of Ulthos appears on maps and is almost entirely lacking in details, save for the existence of a large river emptying into the Jade Sea and a dense covering of dark forest covering much of the surrounding land.


The mapped portion of Ulthos stretches from the south-west to the north-east along the Saffron Straits for just over a thousand miles. The size of the remainder of the continent is not known.



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