Ser Ulf the White, also known as Ulf White or Ulf the Sot, was a dragonrider during the Dance of the Dragons. He had served as a man-at-arms originally, but tamed the dragon Silverwing during the dragonseeds project. He was killed by poison wine by Ser Hobert Hightower.


Ulf fought alongside Jacaerys Velaryon in the Battle of the Gullet and was knighted by Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen afterwards, with her husband, Daemon Targaryen, naming him the Lord of Bitterbridge. He then, along with fellow dragonseed Hugh Hammer, defected from the blacks to the greens during the First Battle of Tumbleton, helping to burn the city from the air. He had a desire for the castle of Highgarden, whilst Hugh wished for the Iron Throne.

He missed out on the Second Battle of Tumbleton as he was asleep beneath a table in the nearby tavern. He heard of Hugh Hammer's death during the battle and decided he would push a claim for the throne. After the battle Hobert Hightower brought Ulf two casks of wine, but Ulf was suspicious and got Hobert to drink first, which he did, even praising the taste. Both Hobert and Ulf died from wine in the cask.

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