250px-House Blackwood
250px-House Blackwood
My hall might lack for food, but never for courtesy
— Tytos Blackwood

Lord Tytos Blackwood is a Lord of The Riverlands, and is the head of House Blackwood. He follows the Old Gods, which is unusual for a Lord south of The Neck. He has 6 sons and one daughter. His heir is Brynden Blackwood.


He is described as tall and thin with long hair and a cropped salt and pepper beard. He often wears a raven feather cloak. When dressed for battle he wears bright yellow armour inlaid with jet, or scarlet armour with the sigil of his house constructed out of silver and onyx. He is a friend to House Stark of Winterfell, possibly due to their shared faith in the Old Gods, and is described as a strong warrior and general.


A Game of ThronesEdit

he leads the remnants of the Riverlands forces that managed to get inside Riverrun after they suffered defeat to Ser Jaime Lannister. At the Battle of the Camps it is Lord Tytos who leads these men out to hit the army of House Lannister in the rear and rescues Ser Edmure Tully. After the battle he is seen praying with Robb Stark in the godswood of Riverrun. lord Tytos suggests that the Northern force marches to retake Harrenhal at the war council. He joins the other Lords in pronouncing Robb King in the North.

A Dance with DragonsEdit

Lord Tytos at first refuses to bend the knee after the events of the Red Wedding, where his second son, Lucas Blackwood, was killed. This leads Lord Jonos Bracken, Tytos' rival, to besiege Tytos inside Raventree Hall. The siege is eventually lifted when Jaime Lannister convinces Tytos to bend the knee in return for a fairly lenient punishment. Tytos convinces Jaime to take his third son Hoster as a hostage and not his only daughter, Bethany.