King Torgon Greyiron, also known as Torgon the Latecomer, was a High King of the Iron Islands of House Greyiron.

History Edit

Torgon was the eldest son of King Urragon III Greyiron. When his father died, Torgon was away raiding the Mander from his stronghold on Greyshield. His brothers sent no word of the Kingsmoot, hoping one of them would be chosen instead.

However, Urrathon IV Goodbrother was chosen instead, and had all of Torgon's brothers killed. When Torgon returned he declared the Kingsmoot unlawful and rose in rebellion, supported by priests, lords and Urrathon's own captains.

Torgon's rule lasted forty years. During his rule, the Ironborn lost control of the Cape of Eagles to House Mallister. For the last five years he was aided in ruling by his son, Urragon IV Greyiron, who took the kingship without a Kingsmoot after Torgon's death.