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Tommen I Baratheon is the third king of the Baratheon dynasty to sit on the Iron Throne. He is the incumbent King of Westeros at this time.

Early lifeEdit

Tommen was born to Queen Cersei Lannister and presented to the world as the second son of King Robert Baratheon. In actuality, Cersei conceived all three of her children through an incestuous relationship with her brother, Jaime Lannister.

Tommen grew up pampered and spoiled, but had a much gentler disposition than his eldest brother, Joffrey, and preferred to read or listen to music than learn how to fight.

Taking the crownEdit

Tommen's alleged father died in a hunting accident in 298 AL, sparking the War of the Five Kings over the succession. His brother Joffrey seemed to emerge victorious, only to be poisoned and killed at his own wedding ceremony on the first day of 300 AL. Tommen inherited his brother's crown and his widow, and married Margaery Tyrell a few weeks later.

As he is only eight years old, King Tommen does not rule in his own right. For most of his reign, his mother, the Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, has handled the reins of power. However, Cersei was arrested by the Faith of the Seven for alleged adultery, treason, and murder. The reins of power in King's Landing shifted to Harys Swyft, resuming his post as the Hand of the King, and Grand Maester Pycelle, who invited Kevan Lannister to return to rule as Regent during Cersei's 'disposition'.

Character and appearanceEdit

Tommen is a soft-looking boy. He has a notably gentle and transigent disposition, and enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching plays. Although he does not favour martial skills, he has a stubborn streak which arises on occasion. When confronted by a problem he seems to be unhappy unless he can overcome it.

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