Tobho Mott is a master armorer in King's Landing. His shop resides at the top of the Street of Steel. According to himself, he is the only armorer in the city who can add tint to the metals in a suit of armor without using paint. He had learned to smith in Qohor. He claims to know the spells and methods of working Valyrian steel.

His shop is larger than all the other buildings on the Street, made of timber and plaster. The upper stories tower over the street. The double doors have an ebony and weirwood carving of a hunting scene. Two stone knights armored in red suits of armor in the shapes of a griffon and a unicorn guard the entrance.

His apprentice is Gendry one of King Robert Baratheon bastards. Hands of the King Jon Arryn and Eddard Stark came to the shop when they were investigating whether Roberts Trueborn heirs were his. Tobho Mott sells cheap swords to the red priest Thoros of Myr who sets fire to them with wildfire when he fights in a melee. It ruins the swords and he and Mott argue about prices, but they seem to enjoy fighting with each other.

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