Theon Stark was a King of The North, known as the Hungry Wolf for the constant state of warfare during his reign, and his own gaunt appearance. He's buried at the crypts of Winterfell.

Appearance and Character Edit

Theon's statue in the crypts is depicted as thin, with long hair and a skinny beard

Reign Edit

Theon Stark, aided by House Bolton, defeated the greatest Andal invader, Argos Sevenstar, during the Battle of the Weeping Water and tied his body to the prow of his ship, sailing all the way to Andalos, where he slaughtered hundreds of Andals, and set their heads on spikes across the North's Eastern coast, a determent for future would be conquerors.

Theon later conquered the Three Sisters in the Bite and landed an army on The Fingers, possibly part of the War Across the Water. He also defeated rebels from the Rills and aided the Night's Watch in inflicting a defeat to the Wildlings that would take an entire generation for the wildlings to recover.

Harrag Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, led an army across the western coast, conquering the Stony Shore and burning part of the Wolfswood. Harrag's son Ravos the Raper set his base on Bear Island, but was eventually killed by Theon, expelling the Ironborn from his shores.