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Theon Greyjoy
Theon Greyjoy
Biographical Information

In 279AL, at Pyke


Prince of Winterfell
Captain of Sea Bitch
Lord of the Iron Islands (by law of the Seven Kingdoms)


House Greyjoy




Theon Turncloak


Balon Greyjoy (deceased)


Alannys Harlaw


Rodrik Greyjoy (deceased)
Maron Greyjoy (deceased)
Asha Greyjoy

Physical Description



Lean, dark, and handsome with a cocky smile


A Game of Thrones (Appears)
A Clash of Kings (POV)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (POV)



TV Series
Game of Thrones Wiki

Theon Greyjoy is the fourth child of Lord Balon Greyjoy, ruler of the Iron Islands, and his wife Lady Alannys. At the start of A Game of Thrones he is nineteen years old and is a ward fostered by Lord Eddard, a polite way of saying a hostage being held at Winterfell against his father's good behavior.

Theon is a POV character in A Clash of KingsA Dance with Dragons, and is confirmed to be returning in that capacity in The Winds of Winter.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Theon Greyjoy is described as being an arrogant nineteen-year-old at the start of A Game of Thrones, with black hair and a cocky grin. However, after later events in the books, specifically his torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton he becomes subdued and hopeless. His hair gray, he is thin and malnourished, and he has lost several fingers, toes, and teeth. Some think he is mad and he seems brainwashed as he struggles with his identity.

In the BooksEdit

  • In A Clash of Kings, Robb Stark sends Theon Greyjoy to his father, who he has not seen in ten years. The idea is that Balon Greyjoy will be offered independence (his desire for independence was the cause of the Greyjoy Rebellion) if he agrees to help Robb Stark defeat House Lannister. However, Balon rejects Theon's proposal and taunts him for growing up wealthy with House Stark. He also meets his sister Asha Greyjoy who teases him and seduces him under a false identity to embarrass him. Eventually he is given a position of minor authority and allowed to take some crew members to raid coastline villages. On his own authority he decides to attack Torrhen's Square to draw forces out of Winterfell, a decision Theon made when he was jealous of his sister for her accomplishments. He then seizes the castle and takes Rickon Stark and Bran Stark hostage, but when they escape he has two miller's sons killed and burns their bodies, mounting two severed and tar covered heads on top of the walls, making it seem as though he has killed the Stark boys (as a method of sending a message to Winterfell that he is not to be disobeyed.) He is about to lose Winterfell to Rodrik Cassel, and is seriously considering joining the Night's Watch, which was advice given to him by Maester Luwin, who offers to show him a way out. However, before he can go to the Wall, a prisoner he released, Ramsay Bolton has arrived with his own men and begin attacking then northern forces surrounding them. They pretend to be Theon's allies, but when Theon opens the gate, the kill the Ironborn, capture Theon, and sack Winterfell. Theon begins to thank Ramsay for annihilating Rodrik's forces before Ramsay takes Theon hostage.
  • In A Dance with Dragons, Theon is being tortured by Ramsay Bolton. He seems to have been castrated to some extent by Ramsay. He takes on the guise of Reek, Ramsay Bolton's servant, and is not allowed to bathe. He looks as though he has aged forty years, as Ramsay has removed some of his teeth, his hair has turned white, and he has trouble walking. He escapes Dreadfort with Kyra, a woman he used to sleep with. However, Ramsay Bolton made it easy for them on purpose so he could hunt them with his hounds later. Theon is taken back to Dreadfort, and Kyra dies at the hands of Ramsay.

To reward the Boltons for their betrayal of the Starks, the Lannisters name Ramsay the new Lord of Winterfell and betroth him to Arya Stark. When Theon meets the new bride, he recognizes her as Jeyne Poole, a friend of Sansa Stark. Ramsay knows that she is a substitute, but as long as no-one else knows that she isn't Arya, he can claim the Stark lands by marrying her. Theon who lived with the Starks gives the bride away to reinforce this false identity.

Theon and Jeyne eventually escape and are handed over to Stannis Baratheon.

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