Crownlands region

A map showing the location of the Crownlands on the continent of Westeros. Areas ruled from King's Landing are shown in red, from Dragonstone in green.

The Crownlands form one of the constituent regions of Westeros.

Unlike the other regions, it was not a separate entity prior to the War of Conquest, instead being carved out of the territory of the Riverlands and Stormlands to form a region directly controlled by the King on the Iron Throne, dominated by the new city of King's Landing and the old Targaryen trading port of Dragonstone.


Whoever holds King's Landing and Dragonstone controls the Crownlands and, by extension, has a strong claim to the Iron Throne itself. Currently both are held in the name of King Tommen Baratheon.

Bastards born in the Crownlands take the surname Waters.

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