Tarbeck Hall was the ancestral seat of House Tarbeck. It was destroyed on the orders of Ser Tywin Lannister.

Location Edit

It is located somewhere nearby to both Castamere and the Crag.

History Edit

Tarbeck Hall had always been the seat of House Tarbeck. By the time that Lord Gerold Lannister ruled over the Westerlands, however, the Tarbecks had become impoverished and their old seat had fallen into ruin. This changed when Walderan Tarbeck, the lord of Tarbeck Hall at the time, married the widowed Ellyn Reyne. Ellyn used her connections to House Lannister to rebuild the castle and bring the Tarbecks back to prominence.

Ser Denys Marbrand was sent to Tarbeck Hall by Lord Tytos Lannister, after Walderan angered King Aegon V Targaryen over land issues. Denys was attacked by Roger Reyne, Walderan's brother by marriage, during the night and was killed. Roger's brother, Ser Reynard Reyne, then convinced Tytos that Roger had thought he was attacking outlaws and Tytos made peace with both House Tarbeck and House Reyne.

During the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion, Walderan left his seat and met Tywin Lannister in the field. Walderan was beaten, and then executed, along with most of his family. Instead of besieging Tarbeck Hall, Tywin launched an assault of the keep. He took Rohanne and Cyrelle Tarbeck alive. Ellyn Reyne and Tion Tarbeck both died when the keep collapsed on top of them. The Last Lord Tarbeck, Rohanne's son, vanished during the attack.