Symond the spymaster, always clinking coins.
— Wyman Manderly

Symond Frey is the seventh son of Lord Walder Frey, and is a spymaster at the Twins. He is sent, along with his brother Jared Frey and nephew Rhaegar Frey, to White Harbor with Ser Wendel Manderly's bones.


A Dance with DragonsEdit

Symond is sent with Rhaegar and Symond Frey to deliver the bones of Lord Wyman Manderly's son Wendel, who was killed at the Red Wedding, back to his father. They are also tasked with securing marriage pacts between Rhaegar Frey and Wynafryd Manderly, as well as between Little Walder Frey and Wylla Manderly, and also to make sure that White Harbor bent the knee to the Iron Throne and didn't support Stannis Baratheon.

Wyman Manderly reveals to Lord Davos Seaworth that Symond has bought several members of Lord Manderly's household, including a few knights.

Ser Symond is given a palfrey as a guest gift by Lord Manderly, and chooses to ride to Winterfell quickly, as opposed to going with Lord Manderly's slower approach. None of the Freys reach Winterfell however, and Ser Hosteen Frey and Ser Aenys Frey suspect foul play on the behalf of Lord Wyman.