Sunfyre, also known as Sunfyre the Golden, was a splendid young male dragon. He was ridden by Aegon II Targaryen. According to Archmaester Gyldayn Sunfyre was the most magnificent dragon ever to fly the skies of Westeros.

Description Edit

Sunfyre had gleaming gold scales and pale pink wing membranes. In the sunlight his scales shone like beaten gold.

History Edit

Sunfyre emerged from his egg on the Dragonmont.

Sunfyre was wounded at the battle of Rook's Rest during the Dance of the Dragons after he and Vhagar killed Rhaenys Targaryen and her dragon Meley. One wing was nearly torn from his body, so Ser Criston Cole had cattle brought to him while he laid healing. The wing healed at an awkward angle and he would never fly the same. Lord Walys Mooton tried to slay the injured dragon, but Sunfyre burned his attackers.

Sunfyre killed Grey Ghost while returning to Dragonstone, either for Aegon or because it was the place of his birth. The fight left him with only one eye and wounds along his back, belly, and neck.

Sunfyre devoured Moondancer in the Fall of Dragonstone, but wounds he took from the fight left him flightless for the rest of his life. He remained in the yard of Dragonstone where he fell, where he was fed sheep by the garrison. Sunfyre ate Rhaenyra Targaryen at the bidding of Aegon II towards the end of the civil war. He eventually died from his wounds on the 9th day of the 12th moon, 130AC, and Aegon wept upon Sunfyre's death.

References and Notes Edit

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