Summer is the direwolf that belongs to Bran Stark. He is the littermate of Grey Wind, Ghost, Nymeria, Shaggydog and Lady.

In the books, he is described as having silvery grey fur and yellow eyes, but in the show, he has yellow fur.

A Game of ThronesEdit

Summer serves as protection for Bran Stark after he becomes crippled. When an intruder, hired by House Lannister, attempts to kill him, Catelyn Stark and Summer kill the assassin.

A Clash of KingsEdit

Summer becomes even more bonded to Bran Stark, to the point that it seems Bran Stark can transport himself into Summer's body while he is asleep (making him a warg.) He learns that this is significant from Jojen Reed. He also regularly threatens the two boys of House Frey who have come to stay with the family, using Summer to make up for his injury.

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