The Straits of Qarth or Jade Gates are one of two major waterways linking the Summer Sea to the Jade Sea.


The straits are located between the mainland of Essos to the north and the island of Great Moraq to the south. They are approximately 400 miles long, running from west to east. The Cinnamon Straits lie between Great Moraq and Sothoryos and provide an alternate route into the Jade Sea. However, the Straits of Qarth are preferred because it is much faster to sail through them to reach the rich trading nation of Yi Ti, which lies just to the east of the straits.

The city of Qarth is the largest city on the straits and gives them their name. One of the largest and richest cities in the known world, Qarth serves as a crossroads between east and west, with immense amounts of trade taking place there.

The city of Qarkash - possibly a vassal town of Qarth - is located near the western mouth of the straits, whilst the city of Asabhad is located near the eastern mouth. The island of Qal is located in the middle of the strait.[1]

A Clash of KingsEdit

Daenerys Targaryen and her retinue spend some time in Qarth before departing by ship, heading west through the Jade Straits and into the Summer Sea.[2]