The Storming of Starpike was the deciding battle during the Peake Uprising, fought between House Peake rebelled against the rule of House Targaryen.

Prelude Edit

House Peake fought for House Blackfyre during the first two Blackfyre Rebellions. As a result, they were stripped of two of their castles and Lord Gormon Peake was executed for treason. In 233 AC, the Peakes officially raised their banner in rebellion against the Iron Throne.

Battle Edit

King Maekar I Targaryen himself led the storming of Starpike, but was killed when a rock was dropped from the battlements that caved in his helm. Elsewhere, Lord Robert Reyne was cut down during the fighting.

Tywald Lannister, Robert's squire and the heir to Casterly Rock, was killed when fighting through the gates. Tywald died a knight, as Prince Aegon Targaryen would knight him prior to death. Tywald died in the arms of Tion Lannister, his twin brother.

Aftermath Edit

The Peakes were left beaten, and Lord Roger Reyne would kill seven of the captives in retribution for the death of his father. Any further killings were prevented by Aegon.

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