Ser Stevron Frey was an anointed knight of House Frey and the first heir of Lord Walder Frey. He was Walder's oldest son, and his mother was Lord Frey's first wife, Perra Royce.


Stevron is in his sixties, and has been waiting to inherit the castle and title from Walder for forty years. He has been bred and prepared to inherit the The Twins since youth, with a large emphasis put on family.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Stevron parleys with Robb Stark outside the walls of the Twins after Robb marches his army to the South. After an agreement is reached with Walder Frey, Stevron marches south with Robb's army. He takes part in the war council at Riverrun, suggesting that they allow the Baratheons and Lannisters weaken each other, whilst their army waits. He also suggests ransoming Jaime Lannister off to Tywin Lannister, but is met by indignation.

A Clash of Kings Edit

Stevron accompanies Robb into The Westerlands and personally leads the Frey armies into battle. He is wounded at the Battle of Oxcross and dies in his tent three days later. Robb laments his death as he sees Stevron as amiable and loyal, unlike the rest of the Frey host.