Lord Stannis Baratheon is the middle son of Steffon Baratheon and Cassana Estermont. He is the younger brother of King Robert Baratheon and the older brother of Renly Baratheon. He is married to Selyse Florent, with whom he one daughter, Shireen Baratheon.

History Edit

When Stannis was a child, the ship carrying his parents home was thrown against the rocks during a storm , as they were returning from a failed mission given to them by King Aerys to find a bride for his , son , Rhaegar. The ship sank and his parents died before the very walls of Storm's End . Stannis later claims this is the reason why he stopped believing in gods. During Robert's Rebellion, Stannis held his brothers seat of power, Storm's End, under great adversity. They were under siege by the forces of the House Tyrell and were so low on food by the end that they had to resort to eating the rats. They would have eaten their own dead , had Ser Davos not smuggled in his onions. Despite this , Stannis was not thanked for his service. Instead , Lord Eddard Stark was thrown a feast to celebrate his "victory" over Lord Tyrell , who did not even put up a fight. Stannis was then sent to Dragonstone to capture Viserys and Danearys. However , they escaped his grasp when he stormed the castle. Robert then gave Storm's End with its lordship of the Stormlands to Renly Baratheon, who was still a small child, rather than Stannis. This slight was not forgiven by Stannis, even though he was given the lands of Dragonstone and a seat on the small council, where he served as Master of Ships.

Eight years after these events , Lord Balon Grejoy wagered that King Robert had not won the support of the lords of Westros. After much preparation , he struck , sending Victorian Grejoy , his brother , to destroy the Lannister Fleet. Lord Tywin was caught unawares , and the Lannnister fleet was torched. Robert then sent Stannis to deal with the Ironborn fleet. Stannis then set a trap at Fair Isle , were he descended from both the north and the south when the Iron fleet was still stuck in between. As a result , the Iron Fleet was completely destroyed, which allowed Robert to ferry men to the Iron Islands themselves. While Robert saved Pyke for himself , Stannis was sent to deal with Great Wyke , the largest of the Iron Islands . He sucessfully captured it as Robert stormed Pyke and forced Balon to bend the knee

Fifteen years after the Rebellion , Stannis starts to suspect that Robert's children are illegitimate and not true born heirs. He enlists the aid of Jon Arryn, Hand of the King to investigate, because Stannis knows that Robert will never listen to anything he has to say , nor did he have a sufficent power base to counter the Lannisters alone. When Jon Arryn suddenly dies Stannis leaves King's Landing for Dragonstone and begins building up his forces, hiring sellswords and seizing ships, for the war he knows is inevitably coming.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Eddard Stark suggests that Robert name Stannis Warden of the East as a reward for his valour during Robert's Rebellion. Robert has already given the title to Ser Jaime Lannister. Stannis is also mentioned as to having a dislike to prostitution , even going so far to asking to have it banned , with Robert replying that if that happened , might as well ban shitting and eating

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