Small Paul is a steward at The Night's Watch. His companions say he's the strongest man on the Wall; He once broke the back of a Wildling with a hug.

Appearances and Character Edit

Small Paul has a broad brutal face with a flat nose and small dark eyes. He has a thicket of coarse brown beard that cover most of his face.

Although he has brutal features, Paul is fond of animals; he wants to have a crow and showed special likeness of Mormont Raven. He attacked an Other for killing a horse.

Books Edit

A Storm of Swords Edit

Small Paul is a part of the ranging party that leaves Castle Black in search for the Wildlings. He is among the brothers that conspire to kill Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, and leave The Fist of the First Men before the arrival of the Wildlings. His part is to kill Mormont with the aid of Softfoot, and he plans to take his raven afterword.

After the Fist was attacked by Wights, the survivors of the Night's Watch retreat to the wall. During their escape, Samwell Tarly tires and sleep wanting to be left behind, but Small Paul caries him and and asks him for a raven as a pet in return. Paul continues to carry Sam, even though he tells him he lost all the ravens at the Fist. In a while, the slaking Paul, Sam and Grenn are attacked by an Other.

The Other rides a dead horse that belongs to a man of the Night's Watch, Paul recognizes the horse and gets angry for what the Other did to it. He attacks it with Grenn, but the Other breaks Grenn's sword and then kills Paul. As he dies Paul crashes into the Other, tearing the sword from its hands. This allows Sam to stab the Other with his obsidian dagger. The Other melts in seconds from contact with the dagger. Grenn checks if Small Paul is really dead and closes his eyes.

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