The Siege of Pyke was the deciding battle of the Greyjoy Rebellion. It was contested between House Greyjoy and House Baratheon and ended in a Baratheon victory.

Battle Edit

The main battle was fought on the island of Pyke. King Robert I Baratheon and Lord Eddard Stark had gathered thousands of men to their cause. The castle of House Botley was destroyed, as was the town of Lordsport below it, before the main attack on the castle of Pyke was launched.

Robert's forces attacked the southern wall with siege engines, eventually taking down one of the watch towers and bringing parts of the wall down. Maron Greyjoy, the second of Balon's three sons, was killed during this part of the attack. Thoros of Myr was the first man through the breach, wielding a sword coated in wildfire. Jorah Mormont was the next man through, and was knighted for his bravery. The fighting in the castle was very fierce, but eventually Pyke fell.

Aftermath Edit

Lord Balon Greyjoy bent the knee and swore fealty to the Iron Throne, and Robert allowed him to remain Lord of the Iron Islands. His third son, Theon, was sent to Winterfell to serve as a ward of Lord Stark. Robert celebrated his victory with a Tourney at Lannisport. Ser Jacelyn Bywater lost his hand during the assault, and was knighted after the battle.