Shiera Seastar was the natural daughter of King Aegon IV and Lady Serenei of Lys, and the fourth and last of Aegon IV's "Great Bastards".

Lady Syrenei, the last daughter of an ancient line of Valyrian nobility, died giving birth to Shiera, whom she named the "Star of the Sea". Shiera had lustrous silver-gold hair, and was born with heterochromia, giving her one dark blue and one bright green eye. The singers said that this only accentuated her appearance.

Shiera, who was legitimized by her father on his deathbed, was considered the greatest beauty of her generation. It was also rumored that she practiced sorcery in order to preserve her stunning looks, and that she bathed in the blood of maidens to do this. Shiera, to match her immense beauty, was highly intelligent, a great reader, and multilingual. She never wed, though she had many offers for her hand. Many duels were fought over her, poets competed to impress her, and men died after falling out of favour with her.

She was romantically linked to her half-brother, Bloodraven, who proposed marriage to her on numerous occasions. She took him into her bed eventually, but never married him, because it amused her to toy with him. Another half-brother, Bittersteel, also desired her, leading to further tensions between the two men, especially considering that Shiera chose Bloodraven over his brother.[1]

Decades later, Bloodraven remembers Shiera as a woman that he desired.

Notes and References Edit

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