Lady Shella Whent is the head of the noble House Whent and is the lady of Harrenhal. She is the last of her line, having previously been married to Lord Walter Whent, another member of the Whent family, with whom she had five children, four sons and one daughter, all of whom are presumably dead when the books start. She is an old lady.


Shella is the wife of Lord Walter Whent, and is present when her husband hosts the Tourney of Harrenhal in honour of their fair maiden daughter. It is said that her father and grandfather both served as Lords of Harrenhal, meaning walter is likely a cousin, and that Shella was the true heri. She is known by Yoren as a friend to the Night's Watch.


A Game of ThronesEdit

Shella yields Harrenhal to the advancing force of Lord Tywin Lannister after the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings. The castle is then used as a base for House Lannister and House Bolton respectively, briefly being promised to Vargo Hoat. The castle, however, is given to Janos Slynt by King Joffrey I Baratheon, despite the fact that Lady whent is still alive at this time.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Lord Petyr Baelish mentions that there are rumours around that Lady Shella had died, although the cause or location of death are unknown. It is presumed, however, that she may have died of old age.