Sheepstealer was a wild dragon during the Dance of the Dragons with a taste for mutton. It lived at the back of Dragonmont and would hunt between Driftmark and Wendwater. The smallfolk of Dragonstone named it for a self-evident reason. He is one of three wild dragons with Cannibal and Grey Ghost.

Appearance Edit

Sheepstealer's coloring was an ugly "mud brown". He was hatched when the Old King was young, which would put him around 80 years old at the time of the civil war.

History Edit

Jacaerys Velaryon called for dragonriders during the Dance of the Dragons. Silver Denys, a man who claimed to be a descendent of King Maegor, tried to master the dragon. Sheepstealer tore off the man's arm but was chased off by the Cannibal before he could finish Silver.

During the taming, Sheepstealer killed more seeds that the other two wild dragons combined. Alyn of Hull tried to tame him, but received a burnt cloak for his troubles.

A bastard girl named Netty finally tamed him by feeding him a sheep every morning.

When Rhaenyra Targaryen named Nettles a traitor for taking Daemon Targaryen to bed, Nettles was allowed to flee. They were never seen again.

References and Notes Edit

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