Shaggydog is the direwolf that belongs to Rickon Stark. He is not well-behaved, which is partly due to the fact that his owner was only three when he found him, and thus wasn't able to properly train him. He is sometimes referred to as "Shaggy". He is the littermate of Nymeria, Lady, Grey Wind, Summer and Ghost.

In the books he is described as having green eyes and black fur, but in the show he has brown eyes.

A Game of ThronesEdit

When Rickon Stark becomes angry, after finding out that his brother Robb Stark is going off to battle, Shaggydog begins to take after him and bites some members of the household. He later attacks Maester Luwin in the crypts of Winterfell but Summer stops him.

A Clash of KingsEdit

He bites Little Walder, one of the House Frey boys at Winterfell, and he and Summer become confined to the godswood.

A Storm of SwordsEdit

Through his warg bond with Summer, Bran Stark can sense Shaggydog's presence.