Shae is a prostitute who becomes the lover of Tyrion Lannister in A Game of Thrones. Little is known of her background other than the fact that she became a prostitute after escaping sexual abuse by her father.


She is described as having small breasts, dark hair and dark eyes.

In the BooksEdit

  • In A Clash of Kings she is kept in hiding in King's Landing so that Tywin will not find out she is sleeping with Tyrion. Tyrion falls madly in love with her and does not want to be with anyone else, although he does frequent the whorehouse to throw Cersei off, making her think he is in love with a different prostitute. To protect her, he makes her a maid of Lollys Stokeworth.
  • In A Storm of Swords, Shae becomes the maid to Sansa Stark, who Tyrion was forced to marry for political reasons. She shows little jealousy over the marriage which troubles Tyrion. Eventually, Tyrion proposes a marriage deal for her so that Cersei will not know he is in love with her. Before he can finalize the deal, he is apprehended for the murder of Joffrey I Baratheon (for which he is innocent). During the trial she lies and says that Tyrion is guilty, and also displayed details of their affair. She did this in exchange for a knight that Cersei promised to wed her to if she testified against Tyrion.

Later, Tyrion found her sleeping with his father and he killed both of them.