The Seven Swords is an inn found in Duskendale. It is named after the seven men of House Darklyn that served in the Kingsguard prior to the destruction of the house.


The inn was located opposite the beautifully painted house of the Captain's Sister. It is four storeys tall and towers over the other buildings around it. Above the entrance hangs seven painted white wooden swords.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Brienne Tarth stays at the inn when she visits Duskendale on the hunt for Sansa Stark. A woman helps her with a bath, but the water is lukewarm. She is told about House Darklyn by the woman, who explains that all the lordly Darklyns are dead.

The next night Brienne entered the inn's common room after visiting the Dun Fort. She enters a conversation with a pious dwarf, who tells her about an encounter he had with a fool in Maidenpool, mentioning Nimble Dick. The next day Brienne is visited by the Captain's sister, who delivers her the new shield.

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