The Second Blackfyre Rebellion is the somewhat grandiose name given to an abortive attempt by Daemon Blackfyre, styling himself Daemon II Blackfyre, to raise a fresh rebellion against House Targaryen in 212 AL. The attempt failed thanks to the actions of the Hand of the King, Brynden Rivers (known as Bloodraven), and his agents in exposing the conspiracy before it could erupt into a full-scale civil war.


After the defeat of the First Blackfyre Rebellion at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, Aegor Rivers (known as Bittersteel) led the forces of House Blackfyre into exile in the Free Cities. Although Daemon I Blackfyre and his two eldest sons had been slain in the battle, several younger sons survived. Sixteen years after the Redgrass Field, Daemon's third son and namesake decided the time was ripe to lead a second rebellion. Bittersteel was unconvinced and refused to back the plan with the military forces under his command, leaving Daemon to attempt to lead a rebellion by himself.

Course of the conflictEdit

Daemon Blackfyre infiltrated the Seven Kingdoms and called a secret meeting of Blackfyre loyalists at the castle of Whitewalls, using a marriage celebration as cover. However, Bloodraven had already discerned the threat and sent one of his agents to infiltrate the celebration whilst he prepared forces to seize the castle and arrest those traitors present. What was unplanned was the intervention of Ser Duncan the Tall and his ward, Egg, who attended the wedding and attendant tournament purely by chance. Their actions - and the discovery of Egg's true identity as a Targaryen prince - caused the would-be rebels to move prematurely, and allow Bloodraven's forces to capture them. Most of the would-be rebels were executed, but Daemon II Blackfyre was arrested and sent to the Red Keep as a prisoner and potential hostage against Bittersteel's good behaviour.


Following the Second Blackfyre Rebellion, there were three further attempts by House Blackfyre to seize the Iron Throne.