Seagard is the castle and town seat of House Mallister. It's current Lord is Jason Mallister. It is located on the Western coast of Westeros, along the Ironman's Bay and south of the Cape of Eagles. The closest major castle to it is the Twins. seat of House Frey. It is notable for it's Booming Tower, a large bell that calls the people of the town into the castle if Ironborn raiders are sighted off the coast.


The castle was constructed to protect The Riverlands from reavers of the Ironborn. It didn't stop Iron King Harwyn Hardhand landing his longships to the south and launching a campaign of conquest against Storm King Arrec Durrandon.

Seagard was one of the sites of Ironborn invasion during the Greyjoy Rebellion, but the army of Rodrik Greyjoy was repelled by Lord Jason, who personally killed Balon Greyjoy's son himself. After this, King Robert Baratheon launches the royal fleet from both Seagard and Lannisport to put down the armies of the Ironborn.


A Clash of KingsEdit

Wendel Frey serves as a page at Seagard. The castle has been untouched by the War of the Five Kings, possibly because of the fact that it is North of the main area of the Riverlands. Theon Greyjoy sets out from Seagard on his journey to The Iron Islands in an effort to secure troops from his father for Robb Stark's cause. Lord Gawen Westerling is held prisoner at Seagard after being taken prisoner by Lord Jason at the Battle of the Whispering Wood.

A Storm of SwordsEdit

Jason Mallister yields Seagard to Black Walder Frey after the events of the Red Wedding. Black Walder has to threaten Jason with his heir's life to force him to yield.