The Sea Bitch is an Ironborn longship belonging to House Greyjoy and captained by Theon Greyjoy.

Appearance Edit

It has a lean, black hull a hundred feet long, a single mast and fifty oars. The longship has a deck large enough to hold a hundred men and an iron ram shaped like an arrowhead.

Books Edit

A Clash of Kings Edit

Theon is given command of the ship after his return to the Iron Islands. He names the ship after Esgred, who is actually his sister, Asha, claims that it is more of a sea bitch than a fair maiden.

The Sea Bitch is used as the flagship for the fleet that Balon Greyjoy sends to harry the Stony Shore. Theon deviates from the plan, however, and gives six ships to his uncle, Aeron, keeping the Sea Bitch and the Foamdrinker for his own plan. He sends Dagmer Cleftjaw with the Foamdrinker to attack Torrhen's Square, whilst taking the Sea Bitch with him to take Winterfell.

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