Lord Sawane Botley is the head of House Botley and Lord of Lordsport. He is the captain of the Swiftfin.

History Edit

During the Greyjoy Rebellion, Sawane's castle at Lordsport was razed to the ground by King Robert I Baratheon. Sawane then built it up again, but in stone.

Books Edit

A Feast for Crows Edit

After the death of King Balon Greyjoy, his brother, Euron Greyjoy, returned to Pyke and declared himself the new King of the Iron Islands. Sawane refused to swear him fealty, claiming that the Seastone Chair belongs to Theon Greyjoy by rights. For this, Euron has him drowned.

Sawane's children are disinherited, with half the Botley lands going to House Wynch, and the rest given to Sawane's brother, Germund Botley, who Euron names the new Lord of Lordsport.