Saltpans is one of the largest towns in The Riverlands and is the seat of the landed knights of House Cox. the current Knight of Saltpans is Ser Quincy Cox.


Saltpans is located on the northern shore of the Bay of Crabs, south of the Vale of Arryn. it is to the East of Castle Darry and to the north of the Quiet Isle


A Storm of SwordsEdit

Arya Stark travels to Saltpans after abandoning Sandor Clegane to his death. She notices that the town has been somewhat damaged by the War, but not as much as elsewhere. She seeks to find passage to Braavos, something she succeeds in, after showing a Braavosi captain the coin that was given to her by Jaqen H'ghar, and telling the man Valar Morghulis.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

A notorious event occurs towards the end of the War of the Five Kings at Saltpans. Former members of the Brave Companions, under the command of Rorge headed there to seek passage out of Westeros. When it turned out they couldn't they raided the place, murdering its people and burning it to the ground. Rorge raped a girl of 12 before having her nose and nipples cut off, tore out the tongue of a brother of the Quiet Isle and had Biter chew a woman's breasts off. Ser Quincy did nothing to help.

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