Rosey is one of the serving wenches that work at the Quill and Tankard inn in Oldtown. Her mother is called Emma. Pate is infatuated with her.


She has hazel eyes, budding breasts and dimples in her cheeks. Sometimes she works barefoot so she can feel grass beneath her toes. Her hair curls behind her ears. She has a clean smell.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

At some point prior to the book Rosey flowers for the first time, and Emma puts the price of a golden dragon on her maidenhead. She, along with the rest of the serving wenches at the inn, dote on Alleras, often touching his shoulder when she serves. Leo Tyrell knows of Pate's affection for her.

Pate does a deal with the Alchemist to get a golden dragon so he can take her maidenhead, but this deal eventually leads to his death. Pate says that Rosey introduced him to the Alchemist, though it is unclear whether this is meant literally or not.