Rorge is a criminal from King's Landing and the owner of Biter. He is taken from the Black Cells by Yoren and is made to join the Night's Watch, although he never reaches The Wall. He later joins the Brave Companions and is one of their most prominent members. He is killed by Brienne of Tarth after a short fight.


A Clash of KingsEdit

Rorge is taken from the Black Cells by Yoren, after he was put there for running an illicit dog fighting circle. He is considered one of the most dangerous members of the group and is confined to a caged wagon along with Biter and Jaqen H'ghar on their journey to the Wall.

Yoren is killed by Ser Amory Lorch at the Gods Eye when the group is put under attack. Arya Stark, another member of the group that Rorge had frequently threatened, saved the three by handing them an axe so that they could break out of the wagon. The three then join the Brave Companions sellsword group and reside in Harrenhal. He assist Arya and Jaqen in releasing the Northmen that prompts the taking of Harrenhal by Lord Roose Bolton.

A Storm of SwordsEdit

Rorge is a member of the foraging party under the command of Urswyck, and is present when Brienne of Tarth and Ser Jaime Lannister are taken prisoner. He instantly threatens Brienne with rape after being goaded by Timeon, and takes joy from beating Jaime to the ground after he insults the Companions. He also takes a bloody surcoat from the corpse of Ser Cleos Frey.

Rorge joins Zollo and Shagwell the Fool in trying to rape Brienne during one of her nights in captivity. He argues with Zollo about who should get to rape her first, but Jaime thwarts them from achieving it, saving Brienne. Rorge is frequently left behind at Harrenhal to hold the castle for Vargo. he is present upon Jaime's departure and return, threatening Jaime after he saves Brienne. vargo forces him to stand down.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Rorge leads one of the parties that abandon Vargo in Harrenhal, and his group head north to Saltpans, where they hope to find a boat to Essos. At some point he picks up the helmet of Sandor Clegane upon the cairn set up for the Hound by the Elder Brother. He wears this helmet during the Raid on Saltpans that he participates in. During the raid Rorge rapes a 12 year old girl.

Rorge runs into Brienne on her journeys through the Riverlands. She goads him into a fight by mocking his absent nose. She defeats him after a short fight but is instantly set upon by Biter. She is saved by Gendry, who kills Biter and as a result the two die together.