Lord Roger Reyne, also known as the Red Lion of Castamere, was the Lord of Castamere, as well as being an anointed knight of, and the head of, House Reyne.

Appearance and Character Edit

Roger was described as headstrong and quick to anger.

History Edit

Roger became lord of Castamere after the death of his father, Robert Reyne, during the Peake Uprising. Roger was present at Starpike for the conflict, as after the fighting he killed seven Peake prisoners in retaliation to his father's death, until he was stopped by Prince Aegon Targaryen.

Roger and his younger brother, the more cunning Ser Reynard, spent a lot of time at Casterly Rock when their sister was married to Ser Tion Lannister, the heir of Lord Gerold Lannister. The two were showered with honours, as Ellyn ruled as effectively Lady of the Rock. After the death of Tion, however, the two left to return to Castamere, and Ellyn was remarried to Lord Walderan Tarbeck.

House Tarbeck then angered King Aegon V Targaryen with their territorial ambitions, and Lord Tytos Lannister sent Ser Denys Marbrand to have them arrested. Roger came to the aid of his sister, however, and had his men attack the Marbrand men. Reynard then convinced Tytos that Roger had thought he was attacking outlaws, and as a result Houses Reyne and Tarbeck were both pardoned.

Roger led the Lannister army during the War of the Ninepenny Kings after the death of Ser Jason Lannister. He knighted his squire, Kevan Lannister.

Roger was present at the feats where Tytos announced the betrothal of his daughter, Genna Lannister, to Emmon Frey, the second son of Lord Walder Frey. Whilst Roger's sister laughed at the news, the Red Lion left the hall in a fit of anger.

After the end of the war, Ser Tywin Lannister tried to reaffirm the prominence of the Lannisters in their territory, and so demanded that all debts be repaid. Roger affirmed that neither he nor his vassals should do so, and he rose in rebellion against the Lannisters. Roger's forces arrived too late to prevent the destruction of Tarbeck Hall, the extinction of House Tarbeck, and the death of his sister and nephew. He was then beaten by the Lannister forces in a surprise charge. Reynard took command then, as Roger was no longer fit to lead after suffering a crossbow wound that went feverish.

Reynard retreated what was left of the Reyne force to their subterranean keep, where he offered terms of peace, and Roger offered to fight Tywin in single combat. Tywin refused both offers. Instead he closed off the mines and diverted water into the subterranean keep. The Reynes were drowned in their halls.