Lady Rhaena Targaryen, also known as Rhaena of Pentos, was a daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen and Lady Laena Velaryon. Her twin sister was Baela Targaryen. Rhaena was betrothed to her cousin Prince Lucerys Velaryon.

Rhaena was born in Pentos in 116 AC.  When she was half a year old, she sailed from Pentos to Driftmark with her mother and twin sister. In 117 AC, she was presented at court by her father, Prince Daemon Targaryen. In 118 AC, with the blessing of King Viserys I Targaryen, Rhaena was betrothed, at the age of two, to Prince Lucerys Velaryon, her cousin. Rhaena and her twin sister, Baela, each had a dragon egg. When Rhaena’s egg hatched the hatchling was unhealthy and died within hours of emerging from the egg. Baela’s hatchling dragon was healthy, however. Before the civil war an egg from another clutch, laid by Syrax, was given to Rhaena, and it was said that she slept with it every night and prayed for a dragon to match her sister’s.

During the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaena was chosen to accompany Prince Joffrey Velaryon to Gulltown for their protection, although they were told it was to defend the Vale against King Aegon II Targaryen's dragons. Rhaena brought three dragon eggs with her to the Vale where she prayed nightly for their hatching.

Eventually she bonded with the dragon Morning, towards the end of the Dance of the Dragons.

Rhaena and her sister introduced Daenaera Velaryon to their half-brother Aegon III Targaryen, leading to the couple's marriage.

Rhaena herself married Ser Corwyn Corbray, by whom she had no issue, and later Garmund Hightower, by whom she had six daughters.

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