Ser Reynard Reyne was an anointed knight of House Reyne and the younger son of Lord Robert Reyne.

Appearance and Character Edit

Reynard was charming, cunning, and less headstrong than his older brother, Roger Reyne.

History Edit

Reynard and Roger spent a lot of time at Casterly Rock when their sister, Ellyn, was married to Ser Tion Lannister. After Tion's death, however, they left, and Ellyn was remarried to Walderan Tarbeck.

Lord Tytos Lannister once sent Lord Denys Marbrand to seize the Tarbecks, including Ellyn, after a territorial disagreement. Roger rushed to his sister's aid and killed the men. Reynard convinced Tytos that Roger thought he was attacking outlaws. Tytos pardoned the Reynes and the Tarbecks.

After the War of the Ninepenny Kings, there was a time of unrest between Houses Reyne and Lannister, with Ser Tywin Lannister keen to bring order to the West. Reynard oversaw the safe exchange of Lannister and Tarbeck hostages.

Reynard fought for his brother during the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion, and was present when the Reyne forces attacked Tywin in the field. They were defeated, and Reynard assumed command, as his brother suffered a crossbow wound that left him feverish and unfit to lead. Reynard then led the surviving Reynes into the mines of Castamere.

Reportedly, he sent a message of peace to Tywin, provided that Tywin's brothers be given to the Reynes as hostages. Tywin ignored the message, and instead had the entrances to the mines closed off and water diverted in. Reynard Reyne will have drowned with the rest of his family and men.

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