Renly Baratheon, also referred to as King Renly I Baratheon, is the younger brother of Robert Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon. He serves as the lord of Storm's End. He declares himself king after the death of his oldest brother. He is murdered by a shadow conjured by Melisandre.

Appearance and Character Edit

Renly is both handsome and charismatic, possessing a sense of humour and an ability to win people to his cause, although sometimes he is seen as frivolous. He is much beloved by the smallfolk due to this charisma.

He is described as tall, and having black hair that falls to his shoulders. He apparently looks eerily similar to his oldest brother when he was young, although shorter and less muscular. He prefers to be clean shaven.

Renly is homosexual, despite the amount of attention he receives from highborn females. He disdains from book learning, believing that only maesters should read. He does, however, possess some books with "drawings that would turn a septon blind", implying some form of pornography.

History Edit

Renly was born in 277 AC to Lord Steffon Baratheon and Cassana Estermont. He was their youngest son. He was 7 during Robert's Rebellion, and spent the conflict under siege at Storm's End with his brother, Stannis.

Renly was granted Storm's End by Robert when he left the castle for King's Landing. This action angered Stannis, who felt that he was the rightful lord. Instead, Stannis was given Dragonstone.

When he turned 16, Renly partook in a tour of the Stormlands, to celebrate his coming of age. He visited many of his powerful vassals, including House Tarth of Evenfall Hall, where he danced with Brienne Tarth. He also visited Sunspear at some point, where Arianne Martell tried to seduce him. He had seemed more bemused than inflamed.

At some point whilst lord of Storm's End he took a young Loras Tyrell as a page and squire. This was likely the start of their secret love affair.

Eventually, Renly was named to Robert's Small council, where he would serve as Master of Laws. Brella ran his household whilst he was in King's Landing. Ser Cortnay Penrose served as the castellan of Storm's End.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Renly rides from King's Landing with Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Ilyn Payne to escort his brother and sister-in-law along the Kingsroad. He is present when Arya Stark is brought before the king. He laughs out loud when hearing of Prince Joffrey Baratheon's defeat at the hands of a small girl, and at the name that Joffrey had given his sword.

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