The Red Mountains is a mountain range extended over much of the southern region of Westeros. It divides Dorne from the Stormlands and from The Reach. It is inhabited by stony Dornishmen, known for having light skin, any color hair, and violet eyes. The two passes through the Red Mountains are Prince's Pass and the Boneway.

Geography Edit

There are many castles sorrounding the Red Mountains, such as Kingsgrave, Wyl, Yronwood, Skyreach and Blackmont. The Dornish mountains also countains the Tower of Joy. There are two principal passes through the mountains, the Prince's Pass and the Boneway.

Northwest of Dorne, the mountain range extends into the southern Reach. Horn Hill is located in the foothills of the northwestern Red Mountains.

The mountain range extends into The Reach northwest of Dorne. Horn Hill, guarded by House Tarly, is located in the northwestern mountains.

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