Raventree Hall is the ancestral seat of House Blackwood. It's current Lord is Tytos Blackwood, and the heir to the castle is his eldest son, Brynden Blackwood. It is famous for it's large godswood that contains a great, dead weirwood at its centre. Every night thousands of ravens gather on it's branches, a fact that gives the castle it's name, as well as the sigil for House Blackwood.


Raventree Hall is a castle of The Riverlands. It is located to the north of Riverrun, seat of House Tully, to the south of Seagard, seat of House Mallister, and west of the city of Fairmarket.


Raventree Hall became the seat of House Blackwood after they were driven from The North by the ancient Kings of winter. Their previous seat was located in the Wolfswood. The Blackwoods claim that their great weirwood was poisoned centuries ago by House Bracken.


A Game of ThronesEdit

Raventree Hall is overtaken by the army of House Lannister because Lord Tytos Blackwood is away marshaling the army of the Riverlands at Riverrun. The Lannisters at some point destroy the surrounding farms, leaving Raventree short of food and supplies.

A Storm of SwordsEdit

The armies of House Stark liberate Raventree Hall, although the land around it is decimated. Ser Garth Greenfield is kept as a prisoner here, as Lord Tytos had taken him prisoner earlier in the War of the Five Kings.

A Dance with DragonsEdit

Lord Karyl Vance pleads for Ser Jaime Lannister to ride to Raventree Hall and end the siege that is currently being led by Lord Jonos Bracken. Tytos surrenders his third son, Hoster Blackwood, as a hostage to the Iron Throne. Tytos intends to have another son, Lucas Blackwood, who died at the Red Wedding, buried underneath the great weirwood of Raventree.