Ralf Stonehouse, better known as Red Ralf Stonehouse, is an Ironborn raider from House Stonehouse. He is captain of Red Jester, a ship in the Iron Fleet.

Books Edit

A Feast for Crows Edit

Ralf was one of the Ironborn with Victarion Greyjoy at Moat Cailin. He, along with Ralf Kenning, persuades Victarion to make his claim at the Kingsmoot. Ralf is one of Victarion's champions at the Kingsmoot. After the Taking of the Shields, Ralf is one of those who shout down the plans of King Euron Greyjoy to sail to Slaver's Bay, preferring to attack the Arbor.

A Dance with Dragons Edit

Victarion gives the swiftes ships of the Iron Fleet to sail the corsair's road along the Northern coast of Sothoryos, where there are provisions for men who are not afraid to pay the iron price. Victarion's orders were to reunite off the southern tip of the Isle of Cedars, but only nine ships arrive, with Ralf amongst those missing.